¿Cuánto valor hay que tener para llevar una mascota en el coche?

Nowadays, there are more and more people who keep pets. Sometimes we have to go out to play, but we can’t bear to leave our pets at home alone. We want to share the fun of going out with them, but we are afraid that the “owners” will have a tantrum in the car and don’t know how to deal with it. But don’t be afraid, professor. This time, I’ll give you some tips to share with you.

Whether it’s cats and dogs or any other pets, they all have body odor more or less. Therefore, we should clean the body of the pets before they get on the bus to remove the body odor, so as not to make other passengers in the car feel uncomfortable. If it’s a cat or dog, it’s better to comb their hair first, so as not to lose too much hair in the car and make other passengers allergic and sneeze.Pets can’t talk like human children, so it’s hard to predict when they want to eat, drink and poop. When they are hungry or want to poop, they will cry at any time. Therefore, it’s certainly useful to prepare more water and food for pets. Moreover, for some disobedient small animals, food can often appease their emotions. And the use of plastic bags is used to hold pet Baba. In case the animals want to poop on the highway and other inconvenient parking places, a plastic bag will not dirty the car.

Some small animals will be more excited in the car, it is easy to roar and even jump around. It’s no big deal to call a pet. It’s mainly because if the pet runs around in the car, interferes with the driver’s driving, or pokes its body and head out of the car, it’s easy to have an accident. So if it’s small animals such as birds, rabbits, hamsters, cats and small dogs, let them stay in cages and air boxes. Medium and large dogs are best to buy a special pet safety belt to fix them in the back seat or trunk.

If the pet has a sense of fear, it will bark or have an uneasy expression. If we fix the pet, although it has no impact on driving safety, we can’t bear to suffer. At this time, we need to let passengers pay more attention to the status of pets, and use more touching and food to calm the mood of pets, like coax children to coax pets to be as quiet as possible, and it’s better to let them sleep until their destination. And if it’s because of the environment inside the car that makes the pet unwell, it’s necessary to properly open the window for ventilation, or stop to let the pet get off and relax.

Pets, like children, are absolutely not allowed to stay in the car alone. In hot summer, even if the window is opened for ventilation, the temperature in the car will still rise rapidly in a short time. If the time is a little longer, pets are prone to life-threatening. Therefore, remember not to leave pets in the car alone. If there are no other passengers to take care of them, simply don’t take them to the car and go out!

If the pet wants to poop and urinate, it’s best to get off the car if it can solve the problem, so as not to leave a bad smell in the car. Whether it’s to put the pet in the back or trunk, put it in a cage or tie it with a seat belt, we’d better buy a cushion in advance to put it on the car. Firstly, it’s relatively easy to clean the fur of the pet falling on the cushion. Secondly, the nail of the pet won’t scratch the seat. At the same time, pets should remember to clean up the car after sitting in the car, glue the fur with adhesive tape or simply do an interior cleaning.

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