Siete maneras de arreglar al perro en el coche

How to keep your dog safe in the car?

Have you ever driven away from a car only to see a dog in the rearview mirror? These tips ensure that you never have to leave them, while still keeping them safe.

Here are seven options for keeping the dog in the car.

1.Put on the dog seat belt seat belt: it is very suitable for the dog with good behavior. The seat belt is inserted into the belt of the seat belt to fix the dog in a position. Make sure your dog doesn’t chew his seat belt during the journey.

How to fit:

-Slide the car seat belt over the dog seat belt loop and fasten the dog.

-Put your dog on the car seat and attach the silver buckle to the dog’s seat belt.

-Adjust the dog’s seat belt to make it safe and comfortable.

2. Additional cable harness: specially designed for sports or puppies that are difficult to settle down, it can allow the dog to move around and restrain your dog at the same time. Make sure to use it with the dog harness

How to fit:

-Hook the cable into the seat belt lug and seat belt of the rear passenger.

-Pull each belt to make sure they are in the correct locked position.

-With the seat belt locked, remove it completely from the lanyard.

3. Put your dog in the crate: the crate is very suitable for confident and relaxed dogs, which can ensure your dog’s safety, comfort and safety. Make sure the crate is big enough for your dog to stand up and turn in.

How to fit:

-Find the crate size for your dog and car.

-Put the box in the trunk (hatchback cars and trucks) or in the back of a car.

-Cover the box with a blanket to help your dog relax.

4. How are you? A pink doll cow: Plush basket is very suitable for small anxious dogs, so that they can see the owner and the surrounding environment very well. Make sure it is used with a dog seat belt.

How to match

-Put the plush basket on the back seat.

-Put your dog in the seat belt and connect it to the carry on box.

5. Put a protective cover in the back seat: it is an ideal choice for dog travelers who like to watch you and walk around. It can prevent your dog from being thrown forward. accident. Make sure there are guards that can hold the bolts to the floor and roof of the car to prevent them from being hit in place

How to match

-Find the right guard dog for your car.

-Fix the protective cover to the rear of the car’s rear seat.

-Lock the shield on the inside of the roof (follow the instructions that came with the shield).

6. Provide rear seat hammock: hammock can protect them from falling from the seat and prevent them from climbing to the front, which is very suitable for large dogs who may lie down. Make sure that your luggage has a non slip cover so that the hammock does not slip off the seat.

How to fit:

-Place one side of the seam on the back seat and insert the retainer between the back seat and the base.

-Secure the fasteners to the front and rear headrests.

7. Installation of rear seat barrier: it is very suitable for large dogs that are difficult to relax during restraint. If you brake suddenly, the barrier will leave your dog in the rear seat. Please make sure the safety barrier is firmly installed before departure.

How to fit:

-Remove the headrest.

-Slide the head restraint post through the D-ring and replace the head restraint.

-Use the hooks or clips provided to secure the bottom corner of the partition to the seat.

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